App in portrait mode getting cut

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Thanks for providing Emteria OS.

I have installed Emteria OS version v0.6.1 on rpi3 B. OS installed smoothly on my 32 inch Sony HD ready TV. the resolution displayed in setting is 1280x720 px and the desktop is in landscape.

I installed a Entertainment app to watch videos and movies. By default the app starts in portrait orientation and desktop is in landscape orientation. i could see the video and play it but It is very difficult to control/scroll the app via mouse.

if i change the deafult Emteria setting i.e. allow app to change its orientation automatically. The app starts in landscape mode (i.e. same as desktop) and when i click any video title, a new page having video (not in full screen) & its description opens...
The problem is i cannot see the video as its getting cut (may due to resolution or aspect ratio) and i cannot scroll the page.

Hope i mentioned the orientations correctly.

Kindly help.


  • Just moved on to using vnc viewer app to control emteria. working well.

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