WIFI not getting connected automatically

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I am using "VNC Viewer for Android" app on my mobile phone to remotely control emteria os (rpi3-v0.6.1) on rpi3B via wifi hotspot. It works pretty well.

However, WIFI doesn't get connected automatically when following steps taken:

  1. switch off wifi-hotspot on mobile.
  2. let the rpi be inactive for few minutes.
  3. switch on wifi-hotspot on mobile once again.
  4. WIFI on rpi emteria doesn't get connected.

NOTE: connect mouse to rpi, pull down the quick settings dropdown, the wifi connects automatically once again.

Any help please.


  • I can confirm it doesn't reconnect. On my device, it doesn't automatically reconnect even after pulling down the quick settings menu. However, my hotspot had no internet access, so this may be the reason as Android scores known wifi connections depending on their features.

    I will test it again with a hotspot connected to the internet later. A little bit more research on the standard scan behavior is also required.

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    Confirmed. I don't know why, but Android doesn't like this network after the disconnect:
    WifiQualifiedNetworkSelector:: Hotspot:12:24:b2:3d:a3 is in blacklist
    I'll need to read more about the scoring - it isn't emteria-specific.

    EDIT: It automatically reconnects after 5 minutes...

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    @kalkov said:
    EDIT: It automatically reconnects after 5 minutes...

    Does it reconnect after 5 minutes or so (hotspot with internet access) ? is it a issue or not ? Anyway i will verify once again.

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    One more thing. I was watching a movie using an android app on my rpi3 (no heatsinks) on HD TV 1280x720. After sometime i saw a notification saying "Device throttled" say after 20 mins. Seems like a heating issue.

    Other than this app, i am having only yalp installed. No other apps.

    But vnc connection from mobile to vncserver was active all the time.

    My question is will it always get this much heated up when watching a HD video/movie ?
    Is it normal ?

    I will try playing video with vnc connection turned off.

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  • Yes, my Pi reconnects to a WiFi hotspot automatically after 5-6 minutes.

    It is difficult to guess how much CPU load your application generates. There are too many different possibilities why the Pi is heating.

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