Elecrow 5 inch Capacitive Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi. Compatable?

Hey all.

Does anyone know if this screen works, with specific configuration? ive been having a lot of issues trying to trouble shoot. whats worse is it rarely does boot up, but no touch function. 90% of boots have it flicker then No Signal. Thanks~


  • Maybe a more powerful power supply? Did the screen come with an IMG of raspbian specifically for this screen, maybe checkout the config.txt that's in there?
  • ive changed the config.txt to the recommended changes, and nothing. my screen has its own 5v2a output. it did come with images on a disk, but they're all reading as corrupt. found some drivers online, through their wiki. but they didn't make a difference

  • If touch doesn't work, you need to find out which driver/module is missing. You can find many standard modules in /boot/modules.

  • Im sorry, my knowledge of what i need and what im looking for, inside the modules folder, is very limited. is there a wiki or info page i could read about these modules?

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    Hi buddy, try changing the power supply and that might solve your issue/problem.


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