rpi3, gapps and the touchscreen

Hello I tried the image for the rpi3 and it runs very well on a TV over HDMI. I have some questions though:

How do I enable support for the official 7" touchscreen? Via script like the deprecated RTandroid? (i.e. using the installer on a mounted sddisk). Right now I get only a black screen. Is stuff like this meant with "automatic configuration" in the basic license?

Likewise, is gapps supposed to be installed like on RTandroid with a script? Or is it possible to use something like opengapps?

Thank you.


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    Well, we already had the support of the official 7" screen working out-of-the box (no more scripts needed). However, after the update to a new kernel version we noticed that its DSI support is broken :disappointed: By now, we have figured out what is wrong, but there seems to be no appropriate solution (even in the official branch of the raspbian linux for this kernel version). I will release the current version tomorrow, in which the display is working. However, there is also a very annoying display flickering caused by the kernel driver we don't know what to do with :no_mouth:

    Regarding GApps, there is no way to preinstall those without a violation of Google's policy. As long as we are not officially certified (which is pretty impossible for us to get), we won't include GApps by default. However, we are currently working on a full recovery support, which will allow installing GApps in the common CyanogenMod / LineageOS way. It will take a while, so no ETA for now.

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