Kernel module ipaq.ko?

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I'm looking for the ipaq.ko module to connect a raspberry pi 3 to a wince device using usb serial.
This module exists and loads automaticaly with the raspbian os but isn't provided with emteria os v6.1.

Please, is there any link to get the good kernel sources and kernel config for emteria os so that I can recompile my own modules ?
Or is it possible for emteria team to provide this module ?

Thanks in advance



  • Did you check in /boot/modules?
    Unfortunately, we don't have a published kernel source yet, but compiling your module with the official 4.9 kernel should be fine.
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    Hello Kalkov

    THX for your answer.
    Unfortunately, the "ipaq.ko" module doesn't exist in /boot/modules.
    Several years ago, I've also used this module with the Android x86 distribution (on a labtop) and it was working great.
    I've already tried and compiled (in ARM) ipaq module from the official linux kernel sources (4.9.80) and also from rpi (rpi kernel 4.9.y stable version).
    For the kernel config, I've used the one from rpi2 linux-headers plus some modifications according to the kernel version of emteria (preemption for example) to get the same magic number of kernel.
    I could load the ipaq.ko module (with no errors) but as soon as I plug the USB cable, Emteria is rebooting.
    If the Emteria kernel source and config are "confidentials", is it possible to get the ipaq.ko module from your compiled sources ?
    The goal is to use a Raspberry with Emteria OS from a wince car system.
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    > @tmas said:
    > Unfortunately, the "ipaq.ko" module doesn't exist in /boot/modules.

    Are you sure? It exists on my Pi with emteria.OS:

    rpi3:/ $ ls -al /boot/modules/ | grep -i ipaq
    rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 55112 2018-12-02 00:00 ipaq.ko
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    I've done before some cleaning on my PI.
    I've reinstalled the emteria OS and the ipaq.ko module is under /boot/module.
    Sorry to have make you waste your time
    I will test my USB serial connection with the original emteria module.
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