Black screen when playing some videos in an android app.


Has anyone faced an issue where in-app videos are showing black screen only i.e. video getting played but only black screen.

RPI 3B, Emteria OS v6.0.1.

help please.


  • This may depend on the used codec. E.g. NewPipe is working fine. Please check the logs.

  • Where to look for logs ? path please ?

  • Standard Android logs with ADB. Check both, dmesg and logcat.

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    I just installed a logcat reader app on emteria & Found that there is an error saying "Media requires drmManager" and media format is "dash".

    Then I checked DRM capabilities by installing another app named " DRMInfo" on emteria and found that "Google Widevine CDM" info is not shown.

    drminfo on mobile shows the widevine CDM info and the media app in question works just fine.

    So seems like it could be the issue ??? No DRM support on emteria ??? or is it because the OS is rooted ?


  • Any inputs or suggestions please

  • Good findings, thanks for your debugging so far. I have to read about Widevine, not sure if those may be preinstalled for free. Any information on this would be great.

    BTW: we shouldn't use multiple topics for the same issue, so I will close this one and post new developments here:

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