Compiling a list of microSD cards that work with Emteria

So I have edit rights now to the KB and have started listing microSD cards that work with Emteria. I already tested 3 so if anyone has others please post them in the thread.

BTW only 32 GB cards will be accepted as that's the official size Emteria supports. Yes I know others have or still use higher sizes and I may list those later as UNOFFICIAL.

Known microSD cards to work




  • Great, thanks for your help so far! I'll also check the type of our cards and add them, if not yet listed.

  • Thanks @kalkov

    Would it also be helpful about adding docs for μG ? At some point that's going to get hidden.

  • @sgrayban
    Absolutely, yes!
    What do you think about moving the list of microSD cards to the RPi-specific page? We are preparing support for a couple of new devices and I'd like to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts with other hardware.

  • New hardware, is there a news article?

  • @kalkov You mean change the title to add [Rpi] ?

  • @kalkov change title to [Rpi Devices] Known microSD cards to work with Emteria

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