5GHz hot spot menu entry for RaspberryPi 3 B+

Somehow there is a drop down menu when setting up a hot spot, but I can only choose 2.4GHz, despite the B+ model supporting 5GHz.


  • Good question. Our logs indicate that the country code detection fails:

    WifiApDialog: NO country code forbid 5GHz

    We will look into it, thanks for the hint.

  • It is fixed now and will be included into the next release. However, you will need to choose the correct locale setting, so the system knows what country it is in.

  • I live in Germany so it should work, when can I expect the next update?

  • It is ready, but still in the test phase. If we don't manage to finish it this week, it will be the next one.

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    Obwohl Deutsch (Deutschland) eingestellt ist, wird mir ein Fehler angezeigt, welche Länder werden denn unterstützt?

  • Ist 5G weiterhin nicht auswählbar oder welchen Fehler meinst du?

  • I can confirm the error, when turning the AP in 5 GHz mode. There is something wrong with the driver, so we will have to take a deeper look. Sorry :disappointed:

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    Der "Fehler" besteht weiterhin (V0.6.3), gibt es dazu schon irgendwelche Neuigkeiten?

  • Nein, leider kommen wir im Moment nicht dazu, uns dieses Problem genauer anzusehen.

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