Widevine DRM support in Emteria-RPI

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Has anyone tried playing DRM protected content on Emteria - RPI or similar devices. is it working fine ?



  • As mentioned earlier, I have to read about Widevine binaries. I am not sure if those may be preinstalled for free. Any information on this would be great.

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    I am having Lineage OS 14.1/Android 7.1.2 on my mobile phone all the media apps requiring DRM support works fine. So it means custom os can have support for DRM as well but will have to look into the Lineage image.

    I also checked Emteria system files. Certain DRM related files are present but few seems to be missing (i searched keyword "drm" in mobile phone Lineage OS & compared the same with Emteria files).I tried to copy files from phone (Lineage) to Emteria but didn't work.

    I think Widevine Libraries can be extracted from Lineage OS 14.1 or Chrome OS recovery image.

    Root & more importantly SafetyNet may also have effect on DRM support. So, I also tried to unroot/installing "Magisk" (systemless root - to hide root from apps) on Emteria through recovery but didn't succeed. Tried with bootbridge (for Sony ELF format as detected while flashing magisk zip) also but no success. Link here https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/magisk-liboemcrypto-disabler-drm-t3794393

    Since my use case for having pi & the Emteria was to play media content only. I moved to installing LibreElec Kodi because they have recently added support for DRM content.... I configured Amazone Prime Video Add-On there & ...What i saw is for DRM content they are downloading the "Chrome OS recovery image" & are extracting Widevine binaries from there.

    However, would love to go back to Emteria.

  • @kalkov


    Anything planned or on your list for DRM support ?

  • Sorry, we had no time yet to look into this. It is still on our list though...

  • I can understand...Thanks for inclusion in your list though.

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    Here is the additional information for DRM support on ARM:

    In order to play DRM protected content one needs to have the google proprietary widevinecdm.so and pepperflash files (about 20 mb only). These files can be extracted from Chomeos recovery image( >1 GB).

    This script (https://gist.github.com/ruario/19a28d98d29d34ec9b184c42e5f8bf29) downloads the chromeos recovery image and extracts the required files.

    credit to https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/23226/widevine-and-flash-for-vivaldi-on-arm-spotify-and-tidal-access

    I am able to play DRM protected content on Raspbian OS (latest) using above files on
    Chromium browser 72 and Vivaldi browser for ARM Debian.

  • Awesome findings, thank you!
    Did you manage to add those files to emteria?

  • Currently, I am on Raspbian OS. So, I haven't tried yet on Emteria. if you guys could test it in your lab.

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    This is the hierarchy where the files are place @kalkov


  • @sgrayban said:
    This is the hierarchy where the files are place @kalkov



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    For anyone that wants the files you can download it at.....


    To install the contents of these files on an ARMhf device, copy the tar archive over to the target machine and issue the following:

    sudo tar -C/ -xf widevine-flash-20190325_armhf.tgz <---- ONLY ON RPI not for Emteria

    To install it for Emteria that's on you as I won't be responsible for any screw ups.

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