Force Sound through HIFI Sound card

I am havin problems in trying to force sound through a hifi sound card.
I have this card
that i purchased to improve on the rather poor quality sound coming from my pi's 3.5mm jack

On the Raspbian OS, you include this line on the /boot/config.txt
Then comment out this line
And the sound i get from the hifi card is awesome when using RasbianOS

Now,i cant edit /boot/config.txt on the MicroSD with Emteria! (using 6.0) Meaning, i cant use that card

When i slide in my MicroSD (through its reader) into my laptop's MicroSD slot,laptop cant see the card! (Using on different laptops ,one with Fedora 27 and the other,Windows 10)
I also cant edit it directly while the card is on the pi and i have booted the SBC through this card

Please Help!!!!



  • This sounds like your PC isn't mounting the card properly. Why? I don't know - I can edit the config file on all of my cards in both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04.

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