How do I show context menu?

I've installed EmteriaOS on Raspberry Pi 3B and installed an Android app using apk.
And I need to change some settings within the app by accessing the context menu. How do I go about doing it?

Here's the instruction from the app manual.

On Android devices, you need to first launch the app, then hit the 'options menu' button on your device. Depending on the Android device being used, this could be a hard button or a button in a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Some Android devices will require you to hold buttons for longer periods of time to bring up the context menu. If in doubt, please do a google search for your device model and 'how to show context menu'.


  • Raspberry Pi has no hardware buttons for that. Check the action bar of your app for menu access.

  • Found a simple way to make it work. Hope it helps others, here you go:
    1. Plug in a keyboard
    2. Start the app
    3. Press Ctrl + Esc.

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