import apk from local Device for testing

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Hi, we have a GPS App for Navigation on Water. I have now buy and build a Demo System for testing to use Raspberry for this. The System self - congratulation, is nearly one of best install System for Raspberry i have ever seen.

All is fine, it work nice with my Touchscren, have seen the HArdware and GPS Extension Card - all is fine. But the only thing i miss is, how can i lkoad my Debug App into this System.

Normal we have our Apps in Google - but we also use our Debig Apps and tests on Dropbox and normal we install dropbox on Android Device and install APK direct from here. But i found no Dropbox and also dont not really understand, how i can use a Serveraddress or any as Source to download our App. Once i have solved this Question, i can test, if Raspberry can do, what i hope ;-)

So is here any, what can give me a Example or a Hint, how to install dropbox on this Device or how to grab a Debig APK from a Address from one of our Server ?




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