How to use business provisioning?

We have purchased business licenses and we would like to know how to use setup/use the Emteria Provisioning.

The Provisioning section says even after purchasing business licenses:

Device configuration and provisioning options are available to our business customers only

We would like to change the boot screen and test some of the other features.


  • I will get back to you on that matter asap - if I see it right, you have already contacted our sales team, so I'll respond with an email message.

  • Hi,

    I've attempted to contact emteria three times over the past few days via the sales email address. This was part of the pre-existing sales thread which I used to purchase business licenses with (directly after purchase went through). I'm yet to get a response. Yesterday I received an email as part of the thread asking if I needed assistance (after this thread was created)

    I've now so sent a message to to the info email address.

    Maybe your spam filter is blocking my Gmail address?

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