External GPS board over UART

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Hi, i have buy a License and have a Test running with our App - for NAvigation. This emteria Version is very great and i havesuccesful install our App, but - yes i found a but ;-)

The GPS dont want work.
i have installed this one =
Bewinner-Erweiterungsplatine NB-IoT/eMTC/Edge/GPRS/GNSS-Erweiterungsplatine für Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W/Zero WH / 2B / 3B / 3B + - you can see this here :

Because we want to have later updates over the Air and also we have a tracking System, what get Infos - where the Ship is at Moment and the Owner get with this a Anti Theft System or the Companys can see, where the Ship is and send a technical Support.

Now i work with lot Freelancers together and have self not much technical Knowledge, but i am willing to sell our Watertrack System with Emteria, because it is very simple to use and i think License Price is very nice. What i want is - in first step to have GPS working and a startscreen with our Logo. I have seen that it gives a Kiosk Mode and that i can use the fullscreen and avoid illegal access, when Software on a Boat is working. Thats very great and i search for last two Years for a wonderful Solution like this.

So Question is, can anybody or emteria Team bring me GPS to work, or Card with this to work?
And second add a Logo in Startsequence with our Company Logo befoe App starts ?

Then i am very interested to sell our Android App on Raspberry with this System.

I hope you can help me and say thanks again for this wonderful Solution on a Raspberry System.

Regards Kasi



  • news about GPS - we have remove the CArd and uses a normal GPS Mouse for now, this will work with a Navilock GPS Mouse NL-602U.
    But forward it was nice to get help with the Bewinner Card.
    At Moment we edit our App to start fine, at Moment our App has some Problems after install, but forward looks good to get it running..

  • Hallo @kasimir,

    all of that is doable. I will send you a private message with more details about commercial collaboration.

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