MDM feature

I saw that a beta version of the MDM client is included in version 0.6.3. Is there any further information on which features the device manager will offer and when we can expect them?


  • This feature is actually not stable enough for a public release, but there are one or two beta testers, who help us debugging it.

    There is no clear timeline and feature set we can promise right now, as the discussions with our business customers are still ongoing. Some ideas:

    • Managing device groups / single devices
    • Pushing OS updates remotely via our website
    • (Un-)installing and updating applications via our website
    • Monitoring the device state and list of installed applications
    • Rebooting the device
    • Managing (settings) backups
    • Managing security policies

    Feel free to comment or suggest additional features.

  • Being able to monitor device status, perform reboots and update applications sounds really good. We wrote our own application to handle such tasks, but that only works within a local network. Being able to do this via one centralized web-based system would be really nice.
    We use a similar device manager for Miowork handhelds which also offers remote control functionality (like TeamViewer or VNC) as well. I'd like to suggest that feature here as well.

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