RPI3, Boots to splash screen, no next

I've a screen from a lightening struck Pavilion with an M.NT68676.2a display card that works fine with RPI. Trying to run setup for a Google Home Mini without Android sufficient for the app on any of my phones so trying the RPI3 with Emteria (free). I used a Win7 machine to install the OS onto a 32GB card after using the SD Card formatter. Boots to logo screen which is animated properly but there is no Next and my USB mouse doesn't appear to work as there's no cursor. The PI's green LED is on sometimes while the splash screen come up but only the red remains on and there's no further progress. Where to go from here? Thanks.



  • Hi soyrunner, which logo are you referring to? The boot animation? Or the SetupWizard? Did you try re-installing or using another screen?

  • This logo is the blue triangle-like animation. Doesn't get past there. I get a similar hangup with Lineage 14.1 which hangs both on the Pavilion screen and when routed to my Samsung TV.

  • Try using another sdcard. Disconnect all devices except for the screen. If you are using a Linux PC for the installation, there might be a way to get the boot logs.

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