Swipe Function in Recovery

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Hi. Got the system up and running and looking to install 'pico' or 'picu' (whatever its called) via the recovery method but when I get to the verification screen and have to swipe I have no mouse or keyboard function. They are wireless. How can I swipe to progress???

I'm also trying to install the Foxtel Go app but it needs 'google services' to run. Which services are they referring too and is it easy to install via yast/yest?



  • Hi Nicholas,

    Google (Mobile) Services is what you are currently trying to install with the pico package. I'm not sure if the recovery is capable of handing wireless peripherals. If you don't have a touchscreen, you will probably need a USB mouse for this.

  • Thanks mate. Thought as much!

    Trying to get the Foxtel Go app working but requires Google Play services to run. Was hoping pico would provide those underlying dependancies.

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