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Hey everyone,

please post your experiences with our feature Kiosk Mode here. If you experience any issues, please state in detail what you did and what the problem is.



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    Hi phyl,
    Kiosk mode works fine however there is a missing option in Emteria O.S which i noticed long time ago which would give the Kiosk mode a pretty nice interface because it allows you to select a dark background and a lot more features as in the below screenshots.

    Is it possible to implement that option?
    Or it's only available in A newer Android version?

  • Looks like those are settings of the Launcher, aren't they?

  • @kalkov said:
    Looks like those are settings of the Launcher, aren't they?

    Oh, so those settings belongs to that Trebuchet Launcher?
    I always thought it was part of the installed Android version :)
    It it possible to use that Launcher on Emteria?

  • I am not 100% sure, but it very much looks like those buttons below to the drawer/launcher. You get similar ones with a long click on the desktop in emteria, but without all of those options.

    You can try installing Trebuchet from

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    You were right, those settings belongs to Trebuchet Launcher, since they are different versions so this one i just installed can be accessed via Home Settings with some different options as well.
    What do you think?
    Isn't cool to use dark theme? :)
    Unfortunately Kiosk mode isn't affected by Laucher settings so it still uses a white background (which i personally don't like).

  • Looks very cool!
    I've created a new TODO for changing BG color in Kiosk mode.

  • Great!, it would so nice if you combine that with VNC shared clipboard in one release.

  • Is the kiosk mode password protected ?

  • Yes, it can be.

  • Hey guys, just a quick question. Will Kiosk mode allow to launch two apps? In short my aim is to to launch an app in the background (not visible by the user) and another app (this should be the only app that can be seen). I am sorry if it sounds silly but I never tried the kiosk mode.

  • Yes, you can choose which apps to allow.

  • How to reset/recover kiosk mode password if it is lost?

  • You cannot. Maybe we should make it possible through MDM.

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