Kiosk Mode (0.6.3 beta)

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Hey everyone,

please post your experiences with our feature Kiosk Mode here. If you experience any issues, please state in detail what you did and what the problem is.




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    Hi phyl,
    Kiosk mode works fine however there is a missing option in Emteria O.S which i noticed long time ago which would give the Kiosk mode a pretty nice interface because it allows you to select a dark background and a lot more features as in the below screenshots.

    Is it possible to implement that option?
    Or it's only available in A newer Android version?

  • Looks like those are settings of the Launcher, aren't they?

  • @kalkov said:
    Looks like those are settings of the Launcher, aren't they?

    Oh, so those settings belongs to that Trebuchet Launcher?
    I always thought it was part of the installed Android version :)
    It it possible to use that Launcher on Emteria?

  • I am not 100% sure, but it very much looks like those buttons below to the drawer/launcher. You get similar ones with a long click on the desktop in emteria, but without all of those options.

    You can try installing Trebuchet from

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    You were right, those settings belongs to Trebuchet Launcher, since they are different versions so this one i just installed can be accessed via Home Settings with some different options as well.
    What do you think?
    Isn't cool to use dark theme? :)
    Unfortunately Kiosk mode isn't affected by Laucher settings so it still uses a white background (which i personally don't like).

  • Looks very cool!
    I've created a new TODO for changing BG color in Kiosk mode.

  • Great!, it would so nice if you combine that with VNC shared clipboard in one release.

  • Is the kiosk mode password protected ?

  • Yes, it can be.

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