(Tutorial) microG - UnifiedNlp Location Share w/o USB GPS module

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You ever wondered why the battery saving location mode is not working?

Here is the solution:

adb root
adb remount
adb push GmsCore.apk /system/priv-app

  • Reboot

  • Open microG Settings

  • Click on Permission missing - allow microG to access device location

  • click on Self-Check
  • Check the Network location provider support, it will look as follows:

  • Open F-Droid - Download and install
    Xposed installer
    Apple UnifiedNlp Backend
    MozillaNlp Backend
    NominatimNlp Backend

  • Open Xposed installer - Install Xposed Framework v89

  • Download and Install xposedunifiednlp module


  • Reboot

  • Open Xposed installer - Modules - Enable xposedunifiednlp

  • Reboot

  • Open microG Settings - UnifiedNlp Settings - Enable Location and address lookup backends

  • Check the Network location provider support

If everything goes well then it will look as follows:

Now open Whatsapp, click on any contact and share your location with him :)

Ofcourse the above steps can be improved if Emteria team can integrate UnifiedNlp into Android system as described at the bottom of the following page.


That would eliminate the need of installing Xposed framework.

Anyway, i just wanted to share that interesting feature with you, you can go ahead and try the above steps or wait for Emteria team response regarding UnifiedNlp system integration.



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    There might be a possibility(i'm not quite sure)that building UnifiedNlp as part of Android will conflict with GmsCore included UnifiedNlp,
    Therefore i believe figuring out why the system isn't able to bind UnifiedNlp service (obviously that what Xposed module do)will be an easier solution. :)

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    @kalkov, you don't have time to look at this matter yet?
    By the way, that's isn't a personal request, it's a feature which you can implement later if you want otherwise if you think it's useless so please delete this thread.

  • Sorry, we are quite busy with other projects right now. I do think it is quite interesting and I'd like to take a closer look into this.

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    No problem, when you have time let me know if you're able find your location without using USB GPS, it might look bit similar to the above screenshot ;)

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    Problem solved, UnifiedNlp now works without Xposed framework.
    I won't post solution here for 2 reasons:

    • It will require modifying some system file which might break your system if you don't know what you are doing.
    • It seems that noone is interested (although someone was asking about location feature in another microG thread).
      Please delete this thread.
  • Most likely there is a problem with the version you are using. So I would recommend to use the latest microG version...

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