Have had no luck with installation on win10 and Linux 16.04LTS

Hi guys,

Pretty frustrated I tried windows 10 and that failed and I saw that it's not really supported based on other forum posts I saw. So I thought lets try Linux 16.04 so with Linux the process go through with no signs of errors and plug the Sd card into pi and I cant see ut even reading the card so im guessing the image isnt there. I tried with 2 differnt cards and get the same result.. then tried a differnt reader and I cant even see the card in the os aftwr the image burn. If we can get this sorted Ill happily buy a copy of the product. 2 outta 3 of the main os's in use havnt worked so far so thats not great. Managed to get linage on one of the cards with etcher so I know they are fine.


  • I was able to resolve the issue in the end with the Linux 16.4 LTS worked perfectly in the end. For anyone who needs to install use a linux LTS 16.4 image you don't need to install it so if you don't want to have dual boot or anything like that its the best option!

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