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Rpi3 and Raspicam (CSI) issues

Hi everyone,
This afternoon I have tested to connect my raspicam module (an old one, rev 1.3) to my Rpi3 (running under Emteria OS).
I have connected my raspicam and then switched on my pi. Then I have downloaded a camera app on google play to test it but without success...
On!topic/android-rpi/7jR_ER1pCbA (raspicam support for android) people suggests to connect raspicam before the first boot of the device.
Is it the case with Emteria OS?
Does it comes "plug and play" if i connect my cam before the first boot?
Thanks !!


  • I'm not sure if camera applications on google play are developed with the raspicam in mind. In our setup, the official camera is working fine via CSI. However, we were using our own application, which you can find open source here:

  • Hi,

    is there a .apk available or do we have to build it on our own?


  • We assume that each application has its unique purpose, which inevitably requires certain modifications. Since we cannot implement all possible use cases on our own, we have made it as simple as possible:

    1) Clone the repository
    2) Import in Android Studio
    3) Click "Run"

    In future, we might include a prebuilt application into the emteria.OS, but actually it only blows up the distro, as the majority of users probably doesn't need it.

  • This is not a script, but rather a full android application. See my post above.

  • Did someone get the 2.1 (8MP) raspberry pi camera working for video? is video working with the 1.3 version (5MP) ?

  • @Nabula, we don't support video capture for now.

  • @kalkov, is it possible to detect if it's a 1.3 sensor or a 2.1 sensor and go with maximum possible MP and if not is it possible to go with a 5MP instead of 2MP? Both sensors are 5MP or more so I am very curious why you went with 2MP in the camera menu? Also is it possible to insert external storage and tell the camera app to store photos there like in a regular camera app when you put in an sdcard in a phone?

    What would need to happen to make video possible? Broadcom waking up and making stuff available for raspberry pi devs like you and your team?
  • @Nabula, not sure about sensor version detection. We will take a closer look into it. External storage is not supported for now.

    We need hardware encoding to be finished for video capture. We have started implementing it, but it is way more work than we thought it would be.

  • @kalkov, Then my question is: is it possible to go with 5MP for making pictures instead of 2MP? Both the 1.3 version and the 2.1 version are 5MP or more so 5MP should work.

    I do understand hardware encoding is a lot of work.

  • @Nabula @kalkov , I agree that 5MP would be a nice feature if detection of 1.3 and 2.1 pi cam model is not possible. I actually bought a 8MP pi camera for a Emteria project and got 2MP :) I hope this will be a feature soon. Recording vidoe would also be cool for me personally.
  • We have found a promising way for detecting the camera revision. A test is scheduled for the next week.

  • That's great news :)
  • Well, the test shows that we would require to update the userland Broadcom binaries, which seem to generate some conflicts with other system files :disappointed: This will stay on our TODO list, but we are not sure how important this is and how much time it would be required for a fix...

  • Ok, and just going with 5mp instead of 2mp? That would be the maximum for a model 1.3 pi cam and would be reasonable for a 2.1 pi cam.
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