Capture Photo and Store it in SD Card with Camera Installed on RPI3B

How can i open camera which is installed on RPI3B using my android app and save it to the External Storage SD Card or Pendrive.
Basically Open Camera in My Android App and Take Pic store in SD Card for Further Use.
Please guide me how to do Because i am getting crash whenever i try to open camera



  • Which camera do you use?

  • its Raspberry PI camera module that can attach to raspberry board it opens with default camera app installed in emteria.It opens camera and take snaps but when we try to open Camera with Our Developed app it doesnt work.
    Please provide sample code to open Camera and capture and save pic which we can further use it for displaying in image view.

  • Well, if you say the standard camera application is working, something must be wrong with your code. If you need our assistance for debugging, please purchase a customer service package.

  • There is nothing wrong in my code these codes are working fine in Any Android Phone its bug of Emteria OS . For Wifi Printing and Camera Both Codes are working on any Android Phone so Please provide update or let us know how to solve this bug.

  • You said the preinstalled camera application is working, is it correct? We didn't modify it, so the APIs should be fine. For a test, you can install other applications and test whether they are working.

    We also provide a sample for how to interact with the raspistill binary directly for taking pictures:

  • I have just downloaded "Simple Camera" and "Open Camera" applications from the F-Droid and both worked immediately.

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