CM3 devboard wifi

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Hi, we are testing emteria on cm3 devboard but wifi is not working using Wifi usb like ralink RT5370 or Official Rpi3 wifi dongle. How can we enable wifi functionality?



  • Android is bad at supporting multiple peripherals of the same type. If you need external dongle support, we can create a dedicated driver package for that purpose. However, it requires some additional overhead, so it only makes sense for bigger projects.

  • Thanks.
    cm3 devboard has no wifi, so if you can tell me what is the supported chip by default on emteria we can use that chip.
    We are developing a prototype for a big project.

  • I've sent you a private message.

  • Hi there. I'm stuck on this same problem - I would like to verify some functionality with the CM3 devboard, but can't do anything without internet. Would be interested in knowing the supported chip (for our custom PCB), as well as any possibility for getting on the Internet with the devboard. Thanks!

  • Sorry, @che2, we don't support pluggable USB WIFI adapters. You should use a USB Ethernet adapter instead. We have several different onces at the lab and all of them are working out of the box. Android's WIFI HAL isn't very flexible.

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