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Hey everybody,

I am very new here and started with a Raspi and Emteria.OS today. The installation worked fine and everything is running as intended. My exercise with this device is to check the manageability using AirWatch.
I downloaded and installed the AirWatch Intelligent Hub app and when I try to configure the device I receive an error that enrolling is not allowed on rooted devices. Usually this is what we want in AirWatch but not in this case.

Then I installed unWatch from XDA developers but that seems to function only for devices that already have been registered to AirWatch.

I know that the root user access is one of the biggest advantages of Emteria and other Android distributions like this, but is there a way to remove the root access or to disable it or to emulate a non-rooted device in order to get this device enrolled in AirWatch?

I hope you have some suggestions.



  • Since you have full control of your system, you can modify it in a way that AirWatch works. However, in this case you'd need to know what exactly they are checking for. Maybe "/system/xbin/su" binary? Or the "system/app/Superuser" application?

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