Automatically checks for system updates even if denied

On emteria.OS v0.7.0 even if both the Check automaltically switch and the Allow beta releases switch of the Update settings menu are off, the system proposes automatically updating to emteria.OS v0.7.1.
Is there any possibility to inhibit automatic proposal of updates ?


  • That shouldn't be happening and I cannot reproduce it on my device.

    • Is the device activated?
    • What are the best steps to reproduce?
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    I have an SD with emteria.OS v0.7.0 not activated as a master for my instruments, generated copying an img file by means of a tool on anSD.

    I enter this SD in my raspberry and the first time it boots it is not activated.

    Once loaded, as soon as the wifi is reachable, an icon to propose the update appears top right of the screen.
    The device is still not activated, indeed, as I activate each SD on the target Raspberry, but both the options are switched off as said.

    The problem is that it happened in the field, on an activated raspberry, and a customer of mine has sent back to me both the raspberry and the interface board as the other problem I signaled here happened and he could not run the instrument.

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    Look, this is the main screen of my application with the raspeberry activated (no message bottom right). This is in real mode and my application is full screen, but you can see the activation icon top left.
    If my customer activates the update, the original config files get loaded and my application, that needs a C program running as a server, does not work anymore.

  • Here the activation state of the OS

  • Here the status of the update switches.

  • Maybe its just a UI bug. Can you enable automatic checking, reboot, disable, reboot again and check if the notification still appear?

  • I have had the same problem on 8 instruments. The one that did not work was a special case and I could not make an update to 0.7.1 myself. Currently I have said to my customers not to update, in case it happens.
    If I touch the update icon, a notification that tells version0.7.1 is opened. It does not seem an UI bug.

  • I can confirm that was a UI bug. The procedure above should work and the next release will include a fix to show the correct setting state.

  • Let me understand what you mean.
    You mean that the Check permissions seem off while they are on?

  • So this means that I can tell my customers to activate these switches to inhibit automatic update ?

  • @kalkov said:
    [...] enable automatic checking, reboot, disable, reboot again [...]

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