preempt_rt linux with emteria

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Is it possible to have the linux kernel pre-empted so I can run PLC code 'real time' on the same Raspi?
If so, could somebody point me in the right direction? (I know how to do this on standard raspbian etc, but with Emteria on top I dont know how to get 'inder the hood').
I also do not know if this will affect Emteria?




  • That is a complex topic. Full preemption won't be possible out of the box. What kind of PLC code would you like to run? I think serious process control shouldn't be done with RPi.

  • Thanks for responding. I am using the Raspi now with Codesys. This way it turns into a PLC, well suited for home automation projects. Having both android and codesys on the same Pi would make an ideal process and hmi combination. (I am also using the beaglebone industrial with Codesys).

  • Does Codesys generate Android-compliant code? How would you start it?

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