Black screen when restarting after license activation

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Hi everyone

Just need a bit of help here.
I had been playing around with the evaluation emteria.OS installed to Raspberry Pi 3 for two days.

Just today I decided to purchase the personal license.
I assigned the personal license through the license manager and restart as per instruction.

Now all I get is black screen after the "emteria logo powered by Android -> Android is starting..." finished loading...

Did I miss something here?




  • Hi Ken,

    This doesn't sound right. Unfortunately, I never heard of similar issues before, so there is no known solution. Which version did you install? Can you try re-installing?

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    Two days ago I installed the v0.7.1 I believe, I didnt reinstall the v0.7.1 but instead installing v0.8.1 because it just came out and I dont seem to have any problems ^_^

  • Happy to hear that, thanks for reporting.

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