CarPC ignition to trigger power on / off on GPIO


I'm very new to Raspberry Pi and Emteria. I have built a CarPC that will use Apple CarPlay with a CarlinKit dongle.
My goal is to turn the Pi on when I turn the ignition on, and shut it down safely when I turn the ignition off. As of now, the Pi is just always powered on.

I really have no clue on where to begin with this, other than connecting the ignition wire from my stereo wire harness onto the Pi's GPIOs.

I've read that I have to use sysfs to listen to the GPIO's, but how to write a script that can do the actions I want?



  • this is my thread on other forum and how I achived power on/off using cars ignition. the OS used is raspbian, but I think it should work on Emteria OS. all you actually need are two scripts that start running when RPI boots up. and offcourse harness.

    take a look, it looks complicated but trust me its fairlly simple and cheap

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