Apple Carplay and Emteria

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Hi folks,

I think it is obvious to everyone that a huge amount of the interest in Emteria and Android on RPI is related to in-car infotainment. This is a huge application area and I think there are a couple of things holding emteria back in this regard that I will get to later.

But for now, some good news - I have got Apple Carplay working using a carplay usb dongle, RPI and Emteria 0.7.1

There is huge interest in getting car play working on the PI. E.g. see here:

There are a number of issues holding this back:
- Bluetooth support - my dongle supports wireless carplay, but with no bluetooth support I am limited to plugging my phone into the dongle.
- RPI 4 support
- Latest version of Emteria 0.8.1 does not support the official RPI touchscreen (DSI).
- Support for external USB sound card

Would be great to see progress in these area - I think there are a lot of potential users waiting in the wings if these can be solved.

Edit: This USB mic and audio out splitter is working for me on Emteria 0.7.1:


  • Hi,

    I have the same project!
    Can you tell me which CarPlay dongle you are using ?

    Thanks you!

  • I also have Apple Carplay running on Rpi 3 with 7inch touchscreen connected with dsi running Emteria Android on Samsung evo sdcard with carlinkit wireless Apple Carplay dongle. Still running a test setup until all issues are solved.

    • Ordered a usb mic to solve carkit/siri issue
    • raspberry 7inch dsi screen is to bright at night and not possible to dimm with default setup
    • when powering down the car, the rpi now disconnects direct and powering on the car it has to boot again which takes time. I think I will try to solve this with a powerbank and sleep mode activation with GPIO pins.

    I also figured out that a fast sd card solves a most performance issues :).

  • I know it's an old thread, but in case anyone is now trying to do this. I'm also using emteria for car play, and got the setup working just fine, fast, Bluetooth, all good. Just need to find a good speaker/mic for it.

    Also, I'm not sure how to better do the power thing the best way possible. Maybe a powerbank as Marty suggested, but since I don't use the car every day, that might not work out well.

    Here's my setup:

    • Raspberry PI 3 Model B
    • Rapsberyy PI official 7 inch touchscreen
    • Carlink Kit Dongle - Model CPC200-Autokit PRO (has wireless support): using the AutoKit apk
    • Class 10 64gb micro SD Card

    Besides the car play working fine, I also installed a snes emulator there so my kid can play on longer trips.

    I'll post back when I figure out the best way for power, but right now it's not that bad. It takes around 30-35 seconds to boot up.

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