Apple Carplay and Emteria

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Hi folks,

I think it is obvious to everyone that a huge amount of the interest in Emteria and Android on RPI is related to in-car infotainment. This is a huge application area and I think there are a couple of things holding emteria back in this regard that I will get to later.

But for now, some good news - I have got Apple Carplay working using a carplay usb dongle, RPI and Emteria 0.7.1

There is huge interest in getting car play working on the PI. E.g. see here:

There are a number of issues holding this back:
- Bluetooth support - my dongle supports wireless carplay, but with no bluetooth support I am limited to plugging my phone into the dongle.
- RPI 4 support
- Latest version of Emteria 0.8.1 does not support the official RPI touchscreen (DSI).
- Support for external USB sound card

Would be great to see progress in these area - I think there are a lot of potential users waiting in the wings if these can be solved.

Edit: This USB mic and audio out splitter is working for me on Emteria 0.7.1:


  • Hi,

    I have the same project!
    Can you tell me which CarPlay dongle you are using ?

    Thanks you!

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