Dialogs in Immersive App

I am testing Emteria OS for compatibility with my app and have notice a weird issue. It seems that even though my application is running in immersive mode (not emteria's settings, just standard android immersive app configuration), and my screen is properly displaying fullscreen, but, any dialogs that I open that are tall enough, seem to get clipped with the status and system bars.

I am setting the fullscreen flags on the main window as well as the View.getWindow(). This works on many other devices, so I think its an Emteria specific issue.

has anybody else seen this, or know how to solve it?


  • If the dialog is set to fill_parent/match_parent, it will only fill up to where the top and bottom bars would be, even though they are gone.

  • We build pure AOSP with RPi-relevant changes on the drivers side. There are no layout-specific changes in emteria.OS.

    Can you post a screenshot?

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