Help with USB GPS (Ublox 7020) [Solved]

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I've been trying to get my USB GPS ( to work with Emteria. I downlaoded UsbGps4Droid (are there any other alternatives to this?) and I've been able to get the GPS spoofing to work under very specific circumstances:

  1. Replugin in the USB GPS
  2. Run 'dmesg' in terminal and see the message "usbfs: process xxxx (pool-7-thread-1) did not claim interface 0 before use" (
  3. Accept the prompt that pops up "Allow the app UsbGps to access the USB device" (This prompt will allways pop up even if I hit the "Use by default..." checkbox.
  4. Restart the UsbGps4Droid service
  5. GPS will finally get a location

This is definitely not a desired procedure for use in my car infotainment system. I'm on the cusp of purchasing a full version of emteria but I can't until I can get this figured out.

Has anyone found a way to get the USB working immediately after boot?



  • It turns out all I had to do was to set UsbGps4Droid to use the default baudrate (9600) instead of "Auto".

    I still have the service asking me to "Allow the app UsbGps to access the USB device" for some reason. This is still a huge obstacle for me.

  • Second Update: I realized that I didn't even need UsbGps4Droid for gps to work! Everything is working out of the box!

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