i can't install new app from playstore

I can't install new app from playstore. This app is not in this server message is displaying


  • You probaby have to update Google Play Services or Google Play Store. You could install Aptoide from APK and under settings turn on allow system apps. And update them from there.

    Or... The app is no longer found on Google Play Store. You could also download the app itself from Aptoide instead.

  • If you can't find an app on Google Play you could just
    1. Download it from a website as APK and install it from USB
    2. Download it from Aptoide
    3. Download it from F-droid (that's included with Emteria)
    Or 4. Download it from Blackmart (not recommended as sometimes they are viruses)

  • I can't find google play anywhere...how did you get it enabled?

  • Google Play store is only accessible from certified devices. RPi-devices are not certified, so they won't have Google Play Store installed.

  • First update your play store than you will be able to install any app from play sore

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