Raspberry pi 7in touchscreen not responding

Hi I know yall might close this post for me to respond in the other one but I have a issue I have a raspberry pi 7n touchscreen but it's not the one on your list. The screen has two micro usb connection along with the hdmi the issue the touchscreen doesn't respond the company sent me the instructions to enable it but it works for the raspbian system. And I already spoke to them about the matter pertaining to this issue thank you in advance.


  • More details would be great. What screen is it, what instructions did you get?

  • Take all power from the raspberry pi and touch over usb also from the raspberry pi. Just power the raspberry pi and the screen from the raspberry pi. Also first boot should be to the screen and not a different monitor?

  • So the screen is sold by landzo electronic on eBay and the issue is its has command line instructions for raspbian and windows so that way the touchscreen can used. But I have the emteria os on a separate micro SD card trying to figure out a way to get the touch function to work with the screen.

  • http://m.landzo.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=146 was trying to see if they had the drivers on their website.

  • Are you using the usb that has touch next to it? That one should also power it. If you don't connect that one there is no touch obviously

  • I have the hdmi, power and the ctouch connected and without the the power connected the screen starts to act funny and flash on and off.

  • Ok I just experienced not having touch with mine. Turned out it was the super cheap 2.5 meter usb cable. Ended up using a better cable and touch started working again. Hope this helps you

  • I will have to check it out when I get the chance thank you for the help.

  • Checked all connections still powers on but that's about it no touch response but the raspbian system runs it without issue.

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