Bluetooth a2dp

Hey folks,
first of all I want to thank the developers for the good work. It is nearly the perfect thing I was searching for my RPi in my car.
But I have a little problem. I want to connect my Smartphone to the EmteriaOS and use it as a hands-free device with the option of streaming my music.
I am able to connect the devices via Bluetooth but not as a handy-free device. Is there a APP which fixes this issue?
I would be glad if there is a solution.


  • Hi David,

    emteria.OS is a very young platform. Although we continuously add new features, there are still a bunch of things to be done. Bluetooth a2dp is one of them. We hope we can fix it soon.

  • Does it make sense to install pulse audio and the bluetooth stack for Raspbian?

  • Theres any news?

  • edited June 2018

    I'm using a bluetooth keyboard as a remote control for Libreelec,
    I want to mention that once the connection is established it never crash.
    I even played some retro games on emulationstation which works flawlessly as well.


    They also introduced bluetooth audio device changer plugin as shown above.

    I believe you guys @Emteria need some time to focus a bit on the bluettoth issue in order to fix it. :smile:

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