ssh/sftp broken after update to v0.9.0

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Hello all,

i'm wondering if someone else got the experience that
a working ssh/sftp installation on v0.7.1 will getting broken
after updating to beta version 0.9.0, like i became...

the message i get on ssh or sftp client when trying to connect
was something like "our key was rejected"



  • Thanks for reporting, I'll check it. Do you know if SSH/SFTP works on a fresh installation?

  • I can confirm it isn't working. The problem is that the project we use has updated the OpenSSH version from 6 to 8, which is great, but the responsible maintainers obviously didn't check whether both servers still work as desired. We will fix it in the next release.

  • You can fix it yourself by changing line

    StrictModes yes


    StrictModes no

    in sshd/sftp config files in /data/ssh

    Don't forget to remove any hashes (#) in front of the line, if present.

  • ty kalkov,

    i'v tried a fresh installation on 0.9.0, but that didn't work either.

    one more question: are both files needed (sshd_config & sftpd_config)
    or is the sftpd_config file only a sample file for "sftp only" (without ssh
    shell access)?


  • For SFTP only sftpd_config is needed.

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