Somes issues

I'm trying to configure the emteria os to running into my car with the factory gps screen it work but many options don't works :

  • AV coposite output don't work even if I change setup into config.txt file only hdmi works. I had raspbmc before on my raspberry and i was working with composite output.
  • Bluetooth headset connected but sound and microphone don't work at all.
  • On waze application map is black and impossible to have navigation. Only waze menu configuration work no map screen is black at this part. Weird but as I sax previously in another message someone have the same problem and not fixed.
  • Developers option isn't present in the emteria os.

Please let me know when solution found, I bought basic emteria OS to have a work solution.

Thanks in advance for reply.

Best regards,


  • Thanks for response and reactivity.

    Please find my reponses bellow :

    • I set sdtv_mode 0 and 3 (not in the same time) one of them show me a signal with grey fond only but nothing happen, and sdtv_ration 1 2 then 3 (not in the same time) nothing better, and hdmi_ignore_hotplug=1, Nothing news.. and different cable one of them work on my raspberry pi 2 model b with rapsbian pi.. anyway I'm working on it....
    • Thanks for bluetooth investiguation and fix hopefully soon ;)
    • Done thanks I will contact waze support now :)
    • Oups I forget this newbe action, I was pretty sure that is enable by default...

    So hope this emteria os project will perfom all theses point that I need to finalise my smart car system and it's closed to.. hope I will not need to buy another single board system like odroid or cubieboard who seems to work natively with android blablabla because I love Raspberry :)

    I'm sure you doing a great job that isn't simple to make android run fully compatible with hardware.

    Good luck and waiting for news...

  • Hi Kalkov I really need rca working i did two test with the same config on my pi2 with linux and pi3 with android. So pi2 work fine, pi3 pre-boot work on rca with the good config.txt file but when emteria os boot the screen become grey and nothing happen till I plug hdmi cable. So when i plug hdmi screen become black and tv say no source so if I switch to my hdmi input emteria boot, so it looks like emteria wait absolutely for hdmi to boot, please perform and fix this fonctionality, i really need it on my car i don't have hdmi. Also with hdmi to rca converter quality is too bad than real rca signal.

    Thanks in advance.

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