3,5 inch touchscreen display

So i'm making an android device for my school project and my touchscreen is just white, now i know that means its not connected, is there a command for the terminal to activate it or somthing i gotta do? I really need this hope you guys can help me out here, Thank you.

Ps: I'm using a raspberry pi b+ with the stable version of emteria android 7.1 nougat.



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    well you could try porting your screens driver for linux to emteria but thats only for expert users and i can't give you any info on how well it would work.
    The only options are getting a screen that uses either the Display Serial Interface (DSI) on your Pi or the HDMI Interface. I wouldn't recommend GPIO Screens unless you're sure it works with what you've planned

  • Someone on this forum answered this question, drivers should work but have not tried

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