Rca /Av video Output on pi 3 with Emteria

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I need to connected Emteria on pi3 with old crt tv using rca cable. I changed the resolution. To 800×600.It boot up and freeze at splash screen.


  • I have almost same probleme grey splash screen for me frozen also and when i plug hdmi already power on the boot work only on hdmi output

  • So RCA output does not work in Emteria ? ,
    if i change some setting does it gonna work ?

  • I really don't know waiting for answer also

  • Unfortunately, we have no hardware here to test the RCA connection. We will be glad to look into it, but it will take some time until we have a setup. I recommend switching to CSI / HDMI.

  • Hi Kalkov I really need rca working i did two test with the same config on my pi2 with linux and pi3 with android. So pi2 work fine, pi3 pre-boot work on rca with the good config.txt file but when emteria os boot the screen become grey and nothing happen till I plug hdmi cable. So when i plug hdmi screen become black and tv say no source so if I switch to my hdmi input emteria boot, so it looks like emteria wait absolutely for hdmi to boot, please perform and fix this fonctionality, i really need it on my car i don't have hdmi. Also with hdmi to rca converter quality is too bad than real rca signal.

    Thanks in advance.

  • good config.txt can u provide the settings

  • hi, dear emteria plz share details for emteria boot up with crt tv

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