GT9XX Driver for Artista-IoT TFT

Hello Emteria,
I'm actually running the Rpi3 version of Emteria, it looks great but my app runs slow due to the native screen resolution.
I turned my eyes to the Artista IOT board (that board also includes few features I need). the app seems to run better now, but the touch screen is not supported.
Distec sent me the driver for the touchscreen but as you can guess, I Have no way to intregrate that driver on the Emteria Kernel.
Is there a possibility you can include that driver to the net release of Emteria ? (or tell me how to proceed to include the driver ? )

Thank you :)


  • Can you provide a description for how you would do it in Linux? Maybe there is a way to translate those steps without rebuilding the kernel.
  • Hi,
    I have a bunch of (.h); (.c) files that I need to copy to the [ drivers/input/touchscreen/] kernel directory, and the Makefile to modifie. All these things speak just a little to me.
    does it answer your question ?
  • Yes, but not in the way I'd expect it. Modifying standard Linux drivers is a very bad idea.

    The simplest way - and it isn't as simple as it should be - is to build a display module, to put it on the device and to load it dynamically. This is possible with emteria.OS.
  • Hi,
    I think the problem is going to be solved. It turns out that touch pannel must runs out of the box with emteria, so the problem is on the hardware side.
    I'll come back to you when I'll receive the new material.
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