Motorcycle computer

So I am working on a project for my motorcycle.
Basically I want apple car play or android auto. I am using the Carlinkit. The app seems to work well on this os. But I need to have Bluetooth Functionality. Are there Bluetooth dongles that work with this OS?

Also is there anyway to put the os in to like a hibernation? .My complaint is boot times are kinda slow. Would love to speed that up or maybe hibernation or sleep mode?

Or I am open to other hardware than raspberry pie




  • Bluetooth should work on the raspberry pi 3b? Bluetooth on the 3b+ was a thing?

  • I have a B now and still no bluetooth. Is there a config change or somthing?

  • Don't know. Just remember a thread about Bluetooth not working on the 3b+

  • Thanks if you want BT to work ditch the PI and get odroid. With in less than 5 mins I had BT WiFi running on android 8.1. Way faster than a pie.

  • Not the same hardware :smile: . I love that raspberry pi never was meant for the great stuff that people do with it.

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