raspberry Pi3 commands and nav not working

I read all the stuff posted on navi and command lines yet nothing has fixed my issue. I also noticed I can not connect via putty help


  • I need a real step by step

  • I don't understand which issue you are referring to?
    If you want to connect via putty you need to install SSHDroid.

  • Well, there is an integrated SSH server in emteria.OS, so no additional SSH apps should be required. However, there was a bug in it until version 0.4.3, which prevented the server from starting. Oops ;)

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    I believe he is talking about that putty error, Was it fixed in v0.4.3? :smile:
    I'm using putty from mobile therefore i must provide a username and password.
    If the username is rpi3 then what is the password?

  • The included SSH server can only work based on private-public keys (for now). There is a small tutorial in the setup wizard. We should probably move it somewhere else, such that users can also activate the SSH server after the setup wizard is finished.

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    Yeah, it works from windows by using adb as in screenshot, but i don't have adb.exe on mobile that's why i had to install SSHDroid.
    So, if you want to use putty you have to install SSHDroid.

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