Microsoft Team on Android running on RaspberryPi

I am was able to install Microsoft Team on Emteria Andriod (eval version) It worked in the first step but faced the following problems, can anyone give me some tips or clues to resolve this problem.

1. I am using a HDMI monitor attached to Raspberry Pi3, when android boots up everything in landscape mode
and all icons appears in proper position. The moment Microsoft Teams is invoked, the orientation of the app changes to
portrait mode and hence top of the app will appear to the left of the screen and the bottom of app will appear to the right
Even I try to change the orientation, it does not change at the stage orientation of mouse also changes and it is hard to control.

The only option is the change rotate the physical monitor by 90 degree so that display appears correctly and
this is not practical. Is there any other way to correct this problem ?

2. Google play services is a dependency for Microsoft teams. That is not getting installed properly, is that place where I can download it ? I tried aptoke and it did not work.

3. Microsoft teams, becomes very slow and the response of the whole device becomes very poor after installation.


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    please read my answer in regarding GMS.
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