ELO Touchscreen (ET1517L)

I'm trying to use an ELO ET1517L touchscreen. I changed emteria resolution to 1024x768 and display works but touch input (via USB) does not. The screen works with RPi 3B+ running Raspbian.

Any ideas?


  • Find out which Linux module is responsible for touch and load it dynamically.
  • So as to contact ELO bolster the machines would need to be in guarantee and they are definitely not. This issue isn't major yet is irritating and diverting to the client network. I have connected with Fujitsu too yet no answer yet.
  • @LissieMayo, sorry, I don't quite understand. Why would you need to contact ELO or Fujitsu? If you need to know which module is responsible, you can check it with Raspbian.

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