SD Card died, had to reinstall. How to activate?

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I bought a license for my one device but since the SD card died I had to reinstall to a new one and the activation is gone. How can I reactivate without buying another license?


  • If you're still using the same Raspberry Pi you can use the License Manager to activate again. Licenses are hardware-bound.
  • It's the same hardware, but a different SD card. It says there are no licenses available. Does it take a while to time-out before I can re-apply the license? The device was only dead for about a day.
  • It should work then. Did you try activating by code, just to double check it?
  • Please navigate to Emteria -> Settings and submit a bugreport.
  • I think this issue is similar to so lets continue the discussion there.
  • @mattster98: Your dashboard says that your license was initially used for a hardware of type "keto", but now you are trying to activate it for a normal "rpi3", which doesn't match your original configuration. Why did you change the target hardware spec?
  • Oh, I didn't know what keto meant and the hardware is a raspberry pi 3. Didn't realize I had chosen keto has been a while. :)

    So if I choose keto and reinstall again it should work?
  • I don't think I chose keto originally.. was that even an option last year? I don't know what keto hardware is.
  • Keto is a RPi 3B-based board with some additional hardware addons. Reinstalling keto-specific would allow you to reactivate the board with the same license.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to change the attached hardware after license activation, but I've sent you an email with a simpler solution ;)
  • Thanks so much! I'm all set. I have another issue about USB on boot but will follow up on that separately.
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