Broken RPi resolution documentation link

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I have some problems with screen resolution. I found the link that could probably describes the solution:

but it does not work. Any hints?

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  • Hi Staszek,

    This article is outdated and shouldn't be used. We do not recommend this type of changes anymore, as it often leads to a broken installation. What are you trying to achieve?
  • Hi kalkow,

    I want to use emteria as a base of smart tv. The issue I figh with rely on difference between rendered display and one physically shown. The cropped spaces are about 5 to 50 points. It is annoying becouse all right sliders are unvisible. The problem is probably on kernel loading phase. I tried to chenge resolution on raspberry pi settings but get nothing (black screen). Also the list of avaliable modes is empty in settings. So, I tried to setup up mode at boot time.

    Best trgards,
  • What screen are you using? What resolution do you see in the settings? Which one do would you like to have?
  • Hi,

    Screen: samsung plasma tv set
    Resolution: default 1280x720@60 provides image cropping. There is no other mode in settings. Also, I tested various of modes got from rapsberru pi os for example: 1920x1080@60 (prefered) and got a black screen.
    What I want: any (large) image resolution without cropping.

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  • Android on RPi 3 doesn't perform well on big screens. Maybe it will get better once our support for RPi 4 is ready.
  • I probably found solution to my problem. This is sequence of entries in /boot/config.h:


    I will try it tomorrow. Before that i have a few questions:

    1) Is it possible to change this entries from settings?
    If not:
    2) Do I change any other then config.h file ?
    3) Is it possible to modify config.h (and any other files when necessary) from something like console ie without changing iit/them on external linux box?

    Best regards,
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