Device Provisioning and Remote Access

I am evaluating emteriaOS for the following use case: I want to create SD-cards, which after entering into a rapsberry pi will boot Android, connect to a WiFi and launch my app in Kiosk mode. I tried the evaluation mode first, but this boots into a screen with emteria logo and a button next. I purchased an advanced licence and activated device provisioning, I reflashed the SD-card with the installer, hoping the device would auto-provision and appear online to be managed. It does not, I am again seeing the Evaluation Licence and the next button. I can not see the device to be managed online. Please advice.


  • Hi @andreasdotzler,

    the automated setup is not finished yet - we are still working on some details, as it isn't as trivial as we hoped it would be. We will try to prioritize this issue to get progress into it soon.

    For now you can simply create a single "final" version of the target state and clone the sd card manually.

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