Support for CRT TV

This discussion was created from comments split from: Rca /Av video Output on pi 3 with Emteria.


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    I cannot use Emteria Android in a CRT TV, but I can use it with other OSes.

    Config.txt is not possible to setup for CRT with Emteria Androd. If you don't have a CRT screen to solve the problem you can easily find a used one in Facebook Market or something like that for free or almost for free. Cables can be less than 5 € thru Ebay.

    Paying a subscription for something that use to be for free (Android) and does not work is not fair. If there is another Android version from another provider that does it for free makes paying even more unfair.
  • @Robustiano, I am sorry the OS doesn't satisfy your personal needs. We have many users with many different requirements and we are working constantly on supporting new screens and adding new features. Can you recommend a screen for our internal tests?

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