Kiosk Mode doesn´t show selected app on desktop

Dear all,

I have a problem with kiosk mode:
1. Installed Emteria v7.0.6 on Rasp 3
2. I have installed my APP in OS
3. Select my app on the list of allowed app
4. I activated the Kiosk mode
5. My app doesn´t you on desktop

If a go back to settings with kiosk mode activate, my app doesn´t show on the list of allowed app.
If kiosk mode is desactivate, my app show on the allowd app list again.

What is that wrong?
My app has to have any special configuration on the manifest? It is an issue that it has intent category launcher, home or default ?

Best Regards,



  • Hi @fjretamales, your application seems to be a launcher. In kiosk mode, no other launchers are allowed. Remove the launcher/home intent category from your manifest and your app will show up in the list.

  • Thanks @kalkov that was the problem.

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