Raspberry Pi - WiFi Disabled

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Emteria OS (Android) - The LAN Network is working, but WiFi is disabled and will not turn on. I have a Personal
License with an Activated License key applied. I tested WiFi - With the Emteria OS (sdcard) removed and the Raspbian OS (sdcard) installed, WIFI works with no problems, so there is no problem with WiFi.

Question: If I use a new sdcard and install a new Emteria OS will it use the previously installed key, since it will be used on the same Raspberry Pi, or will it require a new key? Any ideas or suggestions welcomed. Thank You.



  • You can't use LAN and WIFI at the same time. Pull the Ethernet cable, restart the device and WIFI should work.

    You can reinstall and activate emteria.OS using the same key infinite number of times. However, you have to use the same device which was used during the first activation.

  • @BasicItStuff, yes, VERY off-topic. I will remove your questions here to avoid related discussions. In such cases you should contact us.

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